• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

You can always use the adjectives brown, bake, make, ect to make ultra compound words.

Anal Blast, Ass Blast, Ass Missile, Ass Shrapnel,


Bake a Loaf, Blast Ass, Blow Mud, Bomb the Bowl, Butt Biscuit, Butt Burrito


Cook a Butt Burrito, Chop a Log, Cosby’s at the Pool, Crap, Curl Some Pipe,

Drop a Deuce, Dung

Grow a Tail

Lay a Brick, Lay a Loaf, Lay a Log, Log, Log an Entry,

Make Room For Lunch, Moonpie

Offload Some Freight,

Plant Some Corn, Poo, Poop


Shit, Slop Some Bum Slugs, Steamer, Stink Pickle,

Take The Browns To The Super Bowl,

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