• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024



The NDP goes into the schools and finds the kids that get picked on the most and recruits them. All FUCKING LOSERS.

Robert Pickton For Vancouver Area NDP

We Explore Why Robert Pickton Would Make A “Great” NDP Candidate For the Vancouver Area. Name recognition: Pickton’s notoriety would ensure that everyone in the Vancouver area knows his name.…

Orville Redenbacher/ Napoleon Dynamite, The Vodka Drunk, and the LGBTQ Laughable Circus

I am almost certain this photo may be altered but I wouldn't put them past it to do it. They just probably couldn't find a willing dog.

Alberta NDP’s Irwin says she stands to Pee

Alberta NDP MLA Janis Irwin (Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood) said she was proud of Edmontonian’s for supporting her and her large veiny cock. “Edmonton,” tweeted Irwin on Wednesday. Irwin included a photo of…