• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

American Democrat

Harry Sisson

Joe Biden 3

Biden: “There’s so many young women who have been—including a young woman who just was murdered and he went to the funeral. The idea that she was murdered by an…

Open Border Crime

THEY HATE US Rigged elections have consequences. Niggers and liberals would rather burn down cities over a crackhead that beat and robbed a pregnant woman and would later overdose on…

Bidens Butt Buddy Tax Payer Paid Influencers Get Caught Fudge Packing In Public Park

21-year-old Harry Sisson and 21-year-old Chris Mowray were caught near the small Unity Park by a big black cop in Washington, D.C, according to the city police. Around 10:25 pm,…

Joe Biden 2

May 3rd, 2024

Hunter Biden

Barack Obama Odds & Ends 2


Barack Obama Odds & Ends

February 20th, 2024 Since both Obama and Dahmer were allegedly frequenting gay bars in the Midwest around the same time, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that…

Backdoor Bets: When the White House Turns into a Zoo

Joe Biden, the senile old man in the White House, had a strange fetish that he couldn’t resist. He had a craving for butt sex, and his partners in crime…

Joe Biden

Think About What That Person Wrote There🤔🤔 They are all like that too. Its scary🤔 This dude hates America