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Lavon was a good boy, “He dindu nuffinz“

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April 2nd, 2024

KKK Camp

Hey there, my black friend! You know what would be super fun for your little Tyrone? The KKK Clan camp! It’s a fantastic place where black children can come together,…

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Sesame Street 2



Bananas have again become a source of racial tension at a fucking American University. In the fall, insecure lazy stinky students protested over incidents in which they said one had…

Life is Full Of Fucking Racists Even Alligators!!!

When I fart. Why does it smell? Is it my poo trying to escape my butt hole?– No, the odor associated with flatulence (farting) is not directly related to feces…

2023 A Year In Review

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Faggot Problems

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