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Bananas have again become a source of racial tension at a fucking American University. In the fall, insecure lazy stinky students protested over incidents in which they said one had…

Life is Full Of Fucking Racists Even Alligators!!!

When I fart. Why does it smell? Is it my poo trying to escape my butt hole?– No, the odor associated with flatulence (farting) is not directly related to feces…

‘Chronic masturbator’ jailed for pulling pants down & touching himself at public park, Kum & Go cops say

A pathetic Kentucky man was arrested Thursday for masturbating at a local Kum & Go gas station. The incident occurred a little after midnight in mid-March, though the suspect, 30-year-old…

2023 A Year In Review

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Mike Planned To Huck Natalie In A Wood Chipper Along With His Gay Lovers

Driven by jealousy and crystal meth, Mike hatched a plan in January to abduct, gang-rape and kill his skank wife in a gruesome conspiracy that included dismembering and freezing her…

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