• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Common American Libtards

Trump won 2020 – Michelle Obama is a dude – Guns save lives – Joe Biden is a pedo – Zelensky is a fraud – Climate Change is a hoax…

Random A2

Lavon was a good boy, “He dindu nuffinz“

Evil Racists 3 🤡 🍉 🍗



NEW: Disney worker charged with 32 counts of child p*rn in Brooksville, Florida. Maybe Disney should focus on their own problems instead of projecting on X. Michael David Foster, a…

Brooklyn Dad

Big Mike

American Rocket Scientists

European Invasion

They don't even bother listing anything about the attackers anymore. The whole fucking world knows who is doing it. These shitskin immigrants are being used as weapons against local populations.…

Harry Sisson

Fag Pride