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Climate Change

Trannie Freaks & Their Whine 4

What Evil Racists Took Away From Us

Due to the evil white man and Derek Chauvin the whole world will never know what Chef George Floyd created for us. The BANANA MAYONNAISE SANDWICH With Syrup! The Eclipse.…

Toronto Man Gets Prison For Tricking Men Into Anonymous Sex Through Glory Hole In Sheet

On two separate occasions in 2023, Anthony tricked two men into believing they were talking to a hot white woman with big tits online, and invited them over to his…

American School System

Public Drug Use

Covid Fruitcakes

Liberals, homosexuals, and child molesters alike have all been bamboozled by the COVID-19 hysteria. They blindly followed the narrative, donning useless masks and taking experimental vaccines. Meanwhile, the majority of…

Random A1

Woman, 34, who posted on social media a video of herself performing oral sex on her boyfriend INSIDE a Halifax courthouse is arrested

A woman who posted a video of herself on social media giving oral sex to a man inside of a courthouse has been arrested. Bayleigh, 34, was arrested Wednesday, reports…

Liberal City Crime

Worst crime cities in America. And guess why? Detroit, also known as “Motown,” is notorious for its high crime rate, particularly among its black population. The city has been plagued…