• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Canadian Politics


The NDP goes into the schools and finds the kids that get picked on the most and recruits them. All FUCKING LOSERS.

New Residents of Canada

Police have arrested and charged three individuals with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of a married Bowmanville couple. LINK

Jagmeet Singh

You are a fucking politician. I live nowhere near Ottawa and know this was a Sri Lankan immigrant who STABBED his family. You said shooting. You are a fucking politician.…

Canadian Liberals

Robert Pickton For Vancouver Area NDP

We Explore Why Robert Pickton Would Make A “Great” NDP Candidate For the Vancouver Area. Name recognition: Pickton’s notoriety would ensure that everyone in the Vancouver area knows his name.…

Orville Redenbacher/ Napoleon Dynamite, The Vodka Drunk, and the LGBTQ Laughable Circus

I am almost certain this photo may be altered but I wouldn't put them past it to do it. They just probably couldn't find a willing dog.

Janis Irwin

Janis Irwin Janis Irwin (born September 9, 1984) is a Canadian politician who was given a position due to her diverse background in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta in the…

Woman On ‘Meth Rampage’ Trashes Couple’s Home, Hides Under Bed

An Ottawa couple returned to their condo last week to find their home completely trashed. Clothes were scattered throughout the house, door handles were smeared with semen and KY Jelly,…

A Woman Who Shit Her Pants Halfway Through A Marathon And Ran With It In Her Shorts Until She Crossed The Finish Line Achieved A Personal Record

Rachel Gilmore’s digestive tract is a well-oiled machine. Whenever she has a race or a long-run day, she shits out all the cum and other filth in her ass. Nothing…

Rachel Notley & Bill Cosby: Pudding Pops

It’s important to clarify a few points here:🤔🤔🤔Bill don’t need magic pills with this one😆 Rachel Notley is a drunk Canadian politician who served as the Premier of Alberta. As…