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Justin Trudeau

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Justin Trudeaus Faggot Hut of Glory Holes

Once upon a time in Ottawa, there was a notorious gay bar called the Faggot Hut, owned and operated by none other than Justin Trudeau himself. This den of immorality…

Justin Trudeau Sayings and Ideas

May 13th, 2024 March 26th, 2024 Justin Trudeau is a liberal douche canoe who’s destroying Canada with his third world immigration, high taxes, and promoting transexual faggot freaks everywhere. He’s…

Trudaeus’ $1.7M Handout to Global Faggots: A Vulgar Look at the Perverted Agenda

So, this is the latest shit that’s being pushed by that fucking faggot Justin Trudaeus and his band of cocksucking followers. The government is now giving away $1.7 million to…