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Common Questions About Poo Mailing


May 6, 2023

Can I Get In Trouble Legally For Mailing My Poo? No. Its poo. Even if the so called law makers make a law that doesn’t allow it the poo will then identify as a salami or a Christmas card then their argument is invalid. Someone did say it could be considered a bio hazard, blah blah blah, eh if you can ship a McDonald’s Big Mac through the mail you should be able to mail your crap as your crap is in all honesty probably more edible and healthy for you than the maggot filled Big Mac.

My Box Of Poo Smells Bad Should I Still Send It? Well Yeah Thats the point. I mean do try to be as respectful as possible to these postal workers. They are use to bad smelling stuff getting sent through the mail. Some of the foreign food that gets mailed here is beyond me.

My Poo is pure liquid. I have been eating oat meal and its pure liquid its like pee. Should I still mail it? YES ABSOLUTELY!!!!! Make sure to seal your liquid poo in a plastic bag so none leaks out until it at least hits the Ontario borderπŸ‘You don’t even have to seal the bag that well in all honestly. If it is pure liquid grab some cat or dog crap to huck in the box also. Go into the woods and grab some rabbit crap if you have to . Just something to add a little substance besides liquid.

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