• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024
Connor stole this shirt from Target during the KC George Floyd Riots. He did it to show his support for Joe Biden and his childhood hero Pete Buttigieg.

Connor didn’t get much screen time in the show outside the awkward moment where he asked Katie to suck his cock and she said, “no.” She then eliminated him for a lack of penis size, before he proudly proclaimed that he’s slept with more guys than any of the women on the show. 

F Boy Island Connor F Mullet Moustachio is a fucking faggot. In case you couldn’t fucking tell.

What he’s looking for in an ideal match: Some bitch that will suck his cock when ever he fucking wants especially when he is listening to Led Zepplin.

Deal-Breakers: Fat Chicks, Black Chicks, Chicks with no tits, Chicks that won’t swallow

Celebrity Crushes: Bob Saget & Oprah Winfrey

Dating Life + History: Single for a year and a half since the restraining orders.

The mustachioed Connor is a convicted felon from Kansas City, MO. His fucking faggot 1980s personality is bursting with a Michael Jackson type faggotness – this guy loves being the one with ugliest fucking hair cut in the room at all time. Connor is a picks up trash on the side of the highway for community service by day dude, but moonlights as a pimp selling his crack hos to willing buyers. He is sure to turn heads on the island with his stupid fucking mullet (and, of course, that ‘stache that most kids in grade 6 try to grow). 

Fun Fact: Connor’s dad got herpes from the same prostitute that Connor did in Amsterdam.

Red Flag: He already claimed in Episode 1 that he would pick Nikki Glaser as his top choice of the ladies because she is a Jewish and all Jewish women like anal sex and have money. 

Here is the guys Instagram page. They all have Instagram pages🙄🙄


This isn’t even FBOY Island Below This dudes just a failed Actor. Get a real fucking job. He obviously had to pay people to pose in those Instagram photos with him.

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