• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Christian Yells Racial Slurs at Riley and Tells Him To Bend His Black Ass Over And Take It Like A Man.!!! Smears His Poo All Over The Studio Bathroom Too!

Christian is not only a flaming closet faggot he is also very racist. Especially towards black people. He told Colt one night that he thought it was funny when Black people were slaves. Christian also believes that black people (all of them) should be detongued so they can not talk and are on chains at all times. He says its the real American way much like getting a bitch with a bigger dick than you.

Christian just didn’t stop there he also told Stetler and that British slut Dempsey that they were stupid fucking skank dykes that just needed to hop on his cock to experience a real fucking man. The he high fived the deaf guy and laughed at him for being deaf. There were also rumors that during the break Christian went into the back room and started masterbating. When he was finished and went to ejaculate he thought it would be funny to jizz in the deaf guys drink. He watched the deaf guy drink it and laughed and posted the video to youtube and called it “Cumdrinkingdeaffaggot”.đŸ€Ș🙄😆

Christian then went on later and decided to shit all over the bathroom floor at the tell all studio in New York. When he was in the bathroom he wiped his ass with toilet paper and smeared his shit all over the mirror and walls of the public bathroom. Right after he did all that Riley went in to take a shit and Christian laughed and said he decorated the bathroom to look like Africa so Riley wouldn’t get home sick. Then he flashed gang signs at Gino and scratched his balls and sniffed his fingers.

Cleo then went into the bathroom on her own after the cops came and arrested Riley for vandalizing the bathroom. Christian told the cops and the TV reporters that black people have no respect for public things. Hinting that Riley was the shit bandit in the bathroom and not him. All the other guests laughed and said it was good as Riley is black and deserves to be in jail. The Israeli guy Nikolai was laughing and gave the nazi salute to Christian and said as a joke they arrest blacks all the time for this stuff in Israel. Cleo took pictures of the poo and probably played with her penis in the bathroom. All and all this article just goes to show how fucking cool Christian really is. What a winner.👍

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