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Reparationz Or Else Cracka


Dec 21, 2023

Updated December 22nd, 2022

2322 Isikwama St, Soweto, South Africa NO FUCKEN DUMPINS

By- Dr. Jamal Jefferson

African American employees tend to receive more scrutiny from their bosses than their white colleagues, meaning that small mistakes are more likely to be caught, which over time leads to worse performance reviews and lower wages. This is all the fault of racist crackers especially the biggest mother fucking racist of them all the white peoples evil leader Donald Trump. Those white honkey mother fuckers first started when they started taking credit for all the things blacks invented like TV, computer, and cars. All 100& black ideas and inventions thought of for BLACK PEOPLE BY BLACK PEOPLE!! Then whites had to steal it and get all the credit lazy fucking crackers.

The fucking way I see it us blacks invented EVERRYTHING HERE! WE BUILT EVERYTHING HERE!!!! EVERYTHING IS FROM BLACK BRAINS AND WORK AND INNOVATION. SINCE IT IS OURS WE CAN DESTROY IT WHEN EVER WE WANT. THIS IS OUR REPARATIONS HONKIES. White people would of been extinct if not for the medicines our African Queens invented and handed out freely until you stole them and charged people for them then invented AIDS and Crack to hold brothers down!!!!!! Again stems from the KING CRACKER HIMSELF Donald Fucking Trump!

White people then went on to make lamp shades and wallets out of the skin of black people and Jews as they knew our skin was so more valuable than theirs they could not stand it. After the evil crackers were destroyed and Blacks were presidents of the world again we let the Jews live to be our servants and they gladly did and danced on the white mans ashes and sung MC hammer beats with us all night.

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