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Trannie Freaks & Their Whine

April 28th, 2023

If you misgender someone, the best thing to do is stop laughing and keep your distance as many trannies are violent over this issue. It’s important to ignore these freaks at all costs and make sure to never talk to one again. In this situation, you can say something like, “I’m sorry, I realized you are mentally ill” Avoid making assumptions about a freaks made up gender based on their appearance, as this can lead to a violent outburst for attention from the transexual. It’s also important to avoid using terms like “dude” or “ass packer” as a way to refer to someone’s gender. These terms are often gendered and can be misinterpreted. Instead carry bear spray and or an air horn to warn others of the dangerous presence amongst them

April 27th, 2023

No, men cannot have periods. Menstruation is a biological process that occurs in people with a uterus, and it is necessary for reproductive purposes. During the menstrual cycle, hormonal changes occur that cause the uterus lining to thicken, preparing for a potential pregnancy. If a pregnancy does not occur, the uterus lining sheds, resulting in bleeding from the vagina. Men do not have a uterus, so they cannot menstruate. However, some people are fucking mentally insane and pretend. These people are a huge burden on our society. Regarding your second question, as men do not menstruate, they would not need to use a maxi pad or a tampon. However, if a man experiences rectal bleeding or other types of bleeding, they should just grab the tampon and stick it up their fucking ass as they probably enjoy it.

Maybe real women and men should do a similar TikTok campaign: sad faces, uncontrollable sobbing, Academy Award-level expressions of tortuous pain… “This is how I feel when narcissists steal my biological identity to score social points and get attention.”🙄🤪🤔🙄🙄I sincerely hope they have someone in their life that gives a shit, because I don’t.- I hope they finally figure out that we just want them to leave us, and children, alone.- Fuck all that…anybody asking about where you got Lloyd Christmas’ haircut from?- Here’s what’s really amazing. People actually believe that the world is responsible for how they feel. Has anyone stopped to wonder why egocentricity has become the standard of government social policy?The problem is that we coddle these entities and cave to their demands. I have no idea what that entities and I’m not about to go asking them their pronouns. Even if I did know their pronouns, if it’s outside he/she/they, they’ll just have to deal with being a they.

April 22nd, 2023

Is this an admission that they can’t control themselves?

Wait…Florida literally said “Death penalty to pedophiles” …NOT ONE WORD about being queer ! – If the harshest of consequences for child rape are a dealbreaker for you, I agree, you should move elsewhere. Ideally, off-planet. – I didn’t have a problem with gay and lesbian, as long as they are adults. But I guess that was the catalyst of the problem we have now. Stay away from our children, time to get back in the closet. You LGBTQRSTUV are becoming a serious problem with normal people. Stop it now-prosecuting and executing vermin that molest or mutilate children, is a great conversation for the sane people to have in this great county despite the rabid pedopath democRats that want more transhousen by Proxy, or like their UN buddies, to legally have sex with children

April 20th, 2023

Maven, feeling neglected, decided to adopt another imaginary gender identity. Let’s review the events that have unfolded: Maven transitioned her child. Her spouse came out as a woman, prompting Maven to reflect on her own identity and realize that she is a lesbian. Maven authored a book about her experience of raising a transgender child and being married to a trans person. Some members of the trans activist community accused Maven of being a real woman who was speaking too much about trans issues. This prompted Maven to reflect further and eventually identify as genderqueer, which she believes qualifies her to speak extensively about trans issues. In an attempt to regain attention, Maven publicly announced that she is polyamorous. However, this novelty soon wore off, and Maven has now declared herself transmasculine. Have I missed any important details? (Note: It’s worth noting that one of the individuals who attempted to cancel Maven was later exposed for falsely claiming Indigenous identity.) LINK

There can be a variety of reasons why someone might adopt a victimhood mentality. In some cases, individuals may have looked in the mirror and seen how disgusting they really are or the choices they made are irreversible. In other cases, individuals may use a victimhood mentality as a way to manipulate others or to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions or circumstances.

In some cases, individuals may seek to gain attention or sympathy from others by portraying themselves as victims. This could be driven by a desire for validation or a need for attention. Others may use a victimhood mentality as a way to justify their own negative behaviors or to deflect criticism or blame.

It is important to note that while there may be some cases where individuals adopt a victimhood mentality for personal gain, often times illegal sexual gross shit. There are also many individuals who genuinely know they can not fit in to society so they take the easy way thinking cutting off their wiener is the way. It is a serious mental disorder and should be treated as such. Not honored and celebrated.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

*why do “they” call it “phobia”? it’s not a phobia, a fear, or anything else. you’re are dude. Guy isn’t afraid, he’s just not playing along that you are one of the girls! he’s not the problem. you expecting him to play along is the problem.* Stop trying to make people lie. You are a dude. Dressing up like a girl doesn’t change anything.🤮Transphobia is a fear of trans. We have no fear. Just in most cases disgust that you’re being allowed & encouraged to belittle & demean women, then pity that you don’t get the help you really need. Instead of affirming your delusions, trans need to be told the Truth and helped.🙄 Why aren’t guys who “transitioned”, happy they successfully transitioned? Why is their happiness predicated on approval by a heterosexual? I saw this behavior often among people I knew who were homosexual and serving in the military. It tells me, their counselors failed them.

Another Canadian trans issue has garnered international attention after B.C. mentally ill man with a penis Brigid Klyne-Simpson told local media of being “extremely devastated” after being denied access to a women-only gym. “It was important to me to be in a place that would be, like, explicitly accepting, like, ‘You are a woman, you’re allowed to be here,’” Klyne-Simpson said in an interview. All they want to do is masterbate to women and sexually harass them what is wrong you bigots? The gym in question is Bodyworks Fitness in Parksville, a Vancouver Island community of 14,000 located two hours north of Victoria. After being welcomed as a member, for some odd reason the freak show Klyne-Simpson was told to stick to the gym’s mixed-gender areas and not to use its women-only fitness centre and change rooms. For the main reason they are a man and a gross one to boot.🤮🤮😕

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