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Trannie Violence


Trannie Freaks & Their Whine 4

Trannies Fucking Up Sports

Trans powerlifters occupy top spots in three Alberta women’s divisions

Trannie Freaks & Their Whine 3

Warning: Most of these people (If not all) are extremely fucking gross to look at. I am just letting you know in case you are eating before you see anything…

Trans Day Of Remembrance

The woke crowd can’t stop playing victim, pretending to be oppressed is their obsession it gives them a false sense of purpose. Apparently bombarding straight white people with 24/7 trans…

Faggot Problems

President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) of Ontario Fred Hahn: Is Gayer Than The Jizz In Justin Trudeau’s Asshole

If the look and grin on this fucks face doesn’t make you puke. I am at a loss of words. He is laughing at you knowing he is going to…

People Who Are The Problem

FAT FUCKING TRANNY WANTS TO MEET 12 YEAR OLD GIRL faggot noun fag·​got ˈfa-gət pluralfaggots offensive : Liberal Man —used as a term of abuse and disparagement faggotry ˈfa-gə-trē noun…

Jagmeet Marches To Promote His Faggot Turban Take Over Of Canada

The rise of hate towards fucking faggots is deeply alarming to Jagmeet and his pink turban. All faggots deserve safety and freedom to be who they are at Jagmeet’s house…

Trannie Freaks & Their Whine 2

A trans predator was jailed for nine years today for raping a ‘vulnerable’ friend with ‘her penis’ – just weeks after being released from prison for child sex offences. Lexi-Rose…