• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Walgreen’s- It’s a state issue. Not solely an SF issue. Anything under 950 – according to Prop 47 that passed in 2014 – can be stolen without consequences. California issue. Not just SF. Voted in by citizens of California.Just make sure he doesn’t have dancing micheal Jackson videos on YouTube before you try to stop him

In Oakland- TC*- Wait until he finds out he just stole eight display phones that don’t actually work.- There are Democrat politicians here who pass bills making things like this a very small, minimal crime. So obviously we have criminals who take advantage of that. If this person gets caught, he will go to jail, get his picture taken, and be right out before dinner time.- And if you were to confront this individual with any type of force you would be called a racist. Hell I work 40 hrs a week fixing toilets at a good wage. At this point I might as well just set my wallet on the curb with a free sign on it saying ” fuck it take my hard earned income just please don’t destroy my house”- And everyone wonders why prices are going up? Consumers are paying for these idiots’ theft. Companies are not going to let their bottom line slip. They pass the loss to people who pay for stuff.

This guy doesn’t really strike me as the deodorant wearing type.

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