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Those Damn White Supremacists Are At It Again 2


Walmart Problems

A Nebraskan Red Neck in Omaha fed up with the service. Or he is angry at the black peoples behavior there. 🀣ITs probably not even walmart but oh well.

Liberal City Crime

Worst crime cities in America. And guess why? Detroit, also known as “Motown,” is notorious for its high crime rate, particularly among its black population. The city has been plagued…

Those Damn White Supremacists Are At It Again

Why in the fuck does this keep happening? Well we know why it is happening it is now becoming more comical than anything. The biggest worry is some liberals actually…

Racism Has No Place in Hockey, But Drop Kicking Guys Does

Diversity is our strength. How many people get a standing ovation one night and the next day are arrested for killing a person? I don’t know the answer for the…

Police: The Best Of Animal Control

Across the Pond in England The Cops are such fucking Pussies. They are really the most embarrassing thing I have ever seen. Fucking Pathetic.

Oklahoma Problems

In Oklahoma, a black homeless man named Carlton Gilford (Not Carlton Banks from the Fresh Prince of Belair) has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of…

San Francisco Problems

Walgreen’s- It’s a state issue. Not solely an SF issue. Anything under 950 – according to Prop 47 that passed in 2014 – can be stolen without consequences. California issue.…

Animal Cruelty