• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Making It Work? Find Out If ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Christian and Cleo Are Still Together And If He Is Upset If Her Penis Is Bigger Than His?

Cleo couldn’t get a woman as a man so they became one.

90 Day Fiancé stars Christian (Who is fucking gay 🌈) and Cleo (Who has a fucking penis 🍆) found sparks online, but did their love translate in real life? The Loser Liberal Somali State of Minnesota native traveled across the pond to meet Cleo (who again has a dick🍆), but it’s clear they have some obstacles they have to get through if they want their relationship to last.( I would it be the fact that Cleo has a dick🍆). Cleo, 32, is from England and is a mentally ill man. This MAN with a penis 🍆met 30-year-old, Christian (WHo agian is fucking gay🌈), the self-proclaimed “life of the party” 🙄online over one year ago. While it started out as a friendship, it became a full-blown romance.(Thats probably all a fucking lie). He was searching for a dude with a wiener.

ho·mo·sex·u·al-/ˌhōmōˈsekSH(əw)əl/-adjective-sexually or romantically attracted to people of one’s own sex.
“campaigning by homosexual men and women for an end to social and legal discrimination”-noun-a person who is sexually or romantically attracted to people of their own sex.-Similar:-gay person-queer person-lesbian-gay-invert-homophile

“Growing up, I wanted an easy road in life” she/he/it explained in a teaser shared by the 90 Day Fiancé official faggot page in June 2023. “I tried my hardest to fit in as a man, but I couldn’t get a woman to fuck me so I became one.” Cleo feared that she would not be accepted by those closest to her as she’s also like everyone with it, faking being autistic. She felt she had it “hard enough trying to fake on camera” and didn’t want to “I just want attention.”

As for Christian🌈, it’s clear his family has questions as he has a history of dating mostly fat chicks who live in trailer parks on welfare. “There’s something about Cleo and that Adams Apple. I mean there’s definitely some differences,” he told his friends in another clip. “But as far as my feelings toward playing dick swords with Cleo, it’s strong enough to overcome any type of situation like that.” His family also went as far as to ask if Cleo got their cock chopped off yet?. “So Cleo and I have discussed our anatomy and I know everything there is to know about him and I can’t wait to feel that cock in my asshole,” the Minnesota native told producers in a private confessional when he was jerking off to gay porn. “But when my friends and family approach the subject, I lie because I’m a fucking liar and I love cock”.

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