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Trannies Fucking Up Sports

Trans powerlifters occupy top spots in three Alberta women’s divisions

Orville Redenbacher/ Napoleon Dynamite, The Vodka Drunk, and the LGBTQ Laughable Circus

I am almost certain this photo may be altered but I wouldn't put them past it to do it. They just probably couldn't find a willing dog.

Trans Day Of Remembrance

The woke crowd can’t stop playing victim, pretending to be oppressed is their obsession it gives them a false sense of purpose. Apparently bombarding straight white people with 24/7 trans…

People Who Are The Problem

FAT FUCKING TRANNY WANTS TO MEET 12 YEAR OLD GIRL faggot noun fag·​got ˈfa-gət pluralfaggots offensive : Liberal Man —used as a term of abuse and disparagement faggotry ˈfa-gə-trē noun…

Making It Work? Find Out If ‘90 Day Fiance’ Stars Christian and Cleo Are Still Together And If He Is Upset If Her Penis Is Bigger Than His?

90 Day Fiancé stars Christian (Who is fucking gay 🌈) and Cleo (Who has a fucking penis 🍆) found sparks online, but did their love translate in real life? The…