• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Trudeau Calls On Major Grocers To Stop Their Anti Trans Agenda Which Is Promoting The TRANS GENOCIDE

This faggot is laughing at every single Canadian. He hates them all. He wants every single Canadian Fucking Dead. DO YOU GET IT YET?

The federal government is demanding major Canadian grocers come up with a plan to stabilize prices, so trans sexuals can afford vegetables to shove up their assholes. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is a fucking faggot on Thursday said the call comes as he is horny as fuck since his wife left him.

“Large grocery chains are making record profits. Those profits need to be given to prevent the trans gender genocide that we have going on today,” he said, speaking in front of a bunch of young fat kids with pink hair in London, Ont., following a visit to an all night gay bath house.

The Genocide must be stopped. It Can Not Be Ignored With Those Huge Numbers!!!!

He said the government will be asking the five largest grocery companies, – Loblaw, Metro, Empire, Walmart and Costco – to come up with a plan by Thanksgiving. He said he is scared of Walmart and Costco as they are ran by his Jewish overlords so he is only going for the small companies in rural Alberta ran by white men and tax them for being straight.

“If their plan doesn’t provide more transgendered holidays and bathrooms, then we will take further action and we are not ruling anything out including tax measures and calling BLM to burn the city down for racism.” Major grocers have been facing accusations of being transphobic and racist amid high inflation, though executives from the companies denied these allegations and hung a trans flag and even hired tons of faggot and black employees.

The Retail Council of Canada said in a statement that grocer prices and profits have nothing to do with rising food prices, pointing instead to higher costs being passed on from that fucking idiot Prime Minister and his stupid fucking policies.

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