• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Racist Christian Just Won’t Stop His Sick Criminal Ways

Christian Got Arrested For Stealing Maxi Pads From Walmart in 2006 with Anderson Cooper

Christian The Gay Tranny Fucker from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is defending himself after the American man he met in London accused him of flirting with him and playing with his balls in the bathroom. The drama began when Christian flew to build a relationship with Cleo and her large fucking penis. While his mind was in the right place, he struggled to overcome his extroverted habits like smoking crack and sucking off strange men for cash. At one point, Christian went to a bar and met a fellow American guy with a cock he wanted him to suck. He immediately got on his knees and sucked the guys dick and took a picture of it on his phone and showed Cleo.

Christian shuts down the man, claiming he is a “faggot” and an “entertainer.” The man asks Christian why he came up to him and talked about his balls and asshole, knowing Cleo and her penis was uncomfortable with that. Christian states that his relationship with Cleo was “a joke” at the time, implying he could have sex with Gino right then and there if he wanted as Gino has a nice asshole.

In October of 2019, Christian received a DWI conviction. Apparently, police pulled him over and he had an elderly man sucking his penis while he was driving (Elderly like 85 years fucking old elderly!!!😲😲). When they did, he refused to take a breathalyzer test and called the one arresting officer (who was African American) a shit skin nigger who belonged in a cotton field with Bill Cosby. As a result, authorities charged him with three gross misdemeanors. Christian keeps denying his racist views but other brothers on the downlow say he is a hater towards the black community. He also hates the handicapped both mental and physical equally as much if they are both the better they deserve it he says. He once told people that he laughed when people couldn’t walk or were in the hospital as its funny.


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