• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Turkish man’s $3000 a day meth habit fueled 9 day mostly peaceful violent crime spree: Lawyer

After a series of events that seems torn from a Grand Theft Auto video game, one of Turkey’s prolific offenders will soon hear whether he will be spending another five years in jail to get ass packed in the showers.

Sarper, 52, appeared for sentencing in Istanbul on Sept. 23, for a spree of carjackings and vehicle thefts including a motorbike and ATV between nine days in September 2019. After a lengthy session, which included entering into the record the circumstances of the four different cases being heard, the judge asked for time to decide Sarpers’ fate.

Sarper will also film the judge doing it and upload it to Youtube and his Instagram. Remember these 2 are instagram famous.

Sarper, who is now the leader of the Aryan Brother Hood Prison gang in a Turkish Prison appeared in court smoking a crack pipe via video from Istanbul Correctional Centre, told the judge he was going to ass fuck the judges own pet dog right in front of him and make him suck his shit off his cock. He was read his charges as he began to masterbate in handcuffs for the judge to see via camera. Those charges include six separate counts of theft of a motor vehicle, sodomy, public masterbation, using an imitation firearm, assault with a weapon, sexually assaulting a whale, throwing his feces at homosexuals for sport, resisting arrest and two counts of robbery.

Sarper is unfaithful and cheats all the time. He blames the meth. But he always bangs the best bitches when not toiling with the fellows.

At the end of his crime spree, it took five officers to finally take Sarper into custody, where he has been ever since. While arresting Sarper he managed to grab a stick and attempt to insert it into an officers asshole. After Sarper was in the cop car he shit his pants and proceeded to attempt to eat his own shit as he smeared it all around in his pants.

The spree started on Sept. 15, 2019, when Sarper and another man his on and off again gay lover Colt Johnson broke into a parking area of an apartment building and stole a Honda CRV, which was later recovered in Moldova at Andrei’s house. Sarper and Colt, who will not be charged as he claims to be a Transexual African Jew now and those people are immune to crime, jimmied open the front door of the lobby with one of Colt’s mothers dilldos before getting into the locked parking area. Sarper was recognized on security footage by gay cops who followed his Only Fans page during Pride Month following the theft.

The Spree ended when the duo stopped in a park to suck each other off.

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