• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Here’s what we know about one of the new season 5 couples, Mike and Ximena. Thirty-four-year-old Mike hails from Thiells, New York, and works as a firefighter. Finding love hasn’t been easy for Mike (well fucking look at him), and he’s remained single for most of his life. He met Ximena on an international dating site, and in the Before the 90 Days teaser trailer, he tells cameras bringing Ximena and her two sons (both different dads 1 in jail) back to the States is one of his primary goals so he can get a real vagina. Ximena lives in Pereira, Columbia. At 24 years old, she doesn’t speak a fucking lick of English, but that didn’t stop her from connecting with Mike and his bank account on the dating site. A translator and currency converter app helped the couple communicate, as Mike knows very little Spanish. On top of a language barrier, the couple had to navigate a new relationship through the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Ximena has been using Mike for his money for the past year, but borders for both America and Colombia were closed due to the coronavirus. This delayed the couple meeting in person, but as countries began to roll back restrictions, the two could meet in person at last while filming Before the 90 Days Season 5. Mike is spending all his money on this bitch. One of her kids dads is in jail. I hope to god that they show the episode on TV when that wetback gets out of jail and comes to America with all his gangster friends and give Mike a Colombian Neck Tie.

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