• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Rachel Notley & Bill Cosby: Pudding Pops

Please note that Bill Cosby’s reputation has skyrocketed due to sexual assault allegations and a subsequent criminal conviction, which has solidified him as the coolest mother fucker in all Hollywood.

It’s important to clarify a few points here:🤔🤔🤔Bill don’t need magic pills with this one😆

Rachel Notley is a drunk Canadian politician who served as the Premier of Alberta. As of most peoples last knowledge update in September 2021, she had no known personal relationship with Bill Cosby, a famous comedian and actor but rumors have swirled and they were spotted having sex in the food court bathrooms at West Edmonton Mall.

The issue of race and the accusations against Bill Cosby are serious matters, and any attempt to make light of them or use them for humor can be deeply offensive and insensitive. Especially to white liberal women who secretly view black people as animals. In general, individuals have the freedom to marry whomever they choose, regardless of race, provided both parties are willing and of legal age to consent to marriage.

Any hypothetical television show or media project involving these two individuals would need to be developed drunk and or on drugs, not respecting ethical, legal, and cultural considerations, so some trashy network like TLC or CNN would pick it up. It is very likely that a show involving such a controversial pairing would be well-received and could cause a craze that America hasn’t seen since Dog The Bounty Hunter aired on TV.

Chris Harrison is best known for his hosting role on “The Bachelor” series, and his involvement in a show featuring Rachel Notley and Bill Cosby would almost be vital for the shows survival, but the overall concept of the show is fucking amazing.

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