• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Bowie Jane: 5 Things To Know About The Yeast Infection Competing On ‘Big Brother’

Bowie Jane is taking a break from using yeast infection cream to compete on ‘Big Brother’ season 25. Here’s what you need to know about Bowie. There are only four things listed the fifth is pretty self explanatory.

Bowie Never Showers.

Bowie fucking stinks. In an interview with Shoutout LA, Bowie said she stopped showering in Australia, before came to America. She gravitated towards car air fresheners and started using febreeze. She’s performed on the streets of San Francisco for meth money. Bowie promotes transgerderism on her Instagram, where she has over 28 followers.

She’s Australian.

Bowie is the first Australian to compete on Big Brother US. And hopefully the fucking last what an annoying bunch of fucking twats. The rest of the BB25 cast is from Amerikkka. Last season, Brazilian native Indy Santos was the only non-American on the cast until racist white Americans found out and deported him.

She lives in a Shelter for battered women in Los Angeles.

Bowie moved from Australia to Los Angeles in 2015. She told Voyage LA in 2021 that she”s “loving” her life in California. She does a lot of meth in LA. She spends all her welfare money on meth so she could not afford rent. She made up a false story that a made up boyfriend beat her so she could have a place to live. What a sick liar.

She’s one of the oldest contestants on Big Brother 25.

At 54 years old, Bowie is an old fucking dyke and is one of the three older contestants on Big Brother 25. The others are Hisam Goueli, who is 45, and Felicia Cannon, who is 63. On the flip side, the youngest houseguest on the season is Cory Wurtenberger, who has a fake ID (assumed) looks like he is fucking 12.

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