• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Man Named Omar Exposes Himself In West Palm Beach Florida Burger King🤔🤪

According to WPBF, a witness told officials that she saw 53-year-old Omar Alghabra expose himself in a seat inside the West Palm Beach restaurant location. He grabbed a pair of tweezers and started playing with his penis singing Mary Had A Little Lamb.

The woman also said she ended up making eye contact with Omar and asked him if he was that little Paki faggot who has sex with Justin Trudeau and works for the government. He responded by saying,  “What? I’m playing with my penis! And it is fun because being trans is the new in thing you bitch eat my ass!!!! Eat the Fucking Shit Out Of My Brown Ass With A Spoon and call me Daddy YOU SLUT” He then proceeded to dance like Michael Jackson and masterbate more in front of everyone.

The manager then grabbed an AK-47 and asked Omar to get the fuck out of the Burger King, but he refused and continued to do his masterbate while looking at a Man on Man gay pornographic magazine by the fountain soda machine. Authorities were called and according to the police report, Alghabra claimed he did nothing wrong and even to question him further makes them all fucking transphobic bigots.

He was taken to Palm Beach County jail where he got fucked in the ass by a few big black cops for 5 hours until Justin Trudeau paid his bail with Canadian tax payers dollars. Apparently Omars asshole got shredded so fucking bad that the cops took pictures of it and sent it to Anderson Cooper so he could masterbate to the pictures later.

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