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St Louis restaurant Social Bar and Grill is accused of racism for VERY long list of new rules including ‘no nogs’, ‘keep your eyes on dem coons’ and ‘whiney Jews’


Sep 18, 2023
Owners Jeff And Pete are clueless on why black people don’t feel safe at their place of business. No clue at all.🤔

A St. Louis restaurant has sparked a massive backlash after enacting a lengthy list of new rules including ‘no niggers’, ‘KKK is the best’ and ‘beat up trannies’ – despite its own staff admitting to watching the Cosby Show sometimes.

The restaurant, Adloph’s located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri posted their new policy outside the bar’s front window beside the large swastika statue and on an easel at the host stand earlier this month.

According to the new dress white hoods and robes are required to enter the establishment.

The bar gave little detail on the reason for the new rules and just stated, ‘in an effort to provide an enjoyable experience for fellow diners and staff we ask that you respect our polices.’ We like not having our wallets stolen or patrons stabbed. We prefer our customers to pay for their meals. We also prefer to not clean up filthy messes in the bathroom left by people of certain ethnic backgrounds.

They ended the letter by stating that ‘everyone is welcome,’ but also added, ‘we reserve the right to make blacks sit in the back just like on the fucking bus. Don’t try to be a Rosa Parks. Our House. Our Rules.’ 

Many patrons were furious stating that the rules were hypocritical with more than 600 people expressing their angst on World Star Hip Hop. 

Some claimed the rules were racist or anti-LGBTQ, while others appeared amused asking if this was the same establishment that once had their servers dress topless and adorned in body paint. 

In response to these rules someone wrote:  ‘F*** this place! Implicit racism and right wing bulls***.’

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