• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

National Hockey League announces BAN on rainbow ‘FAG TAPE’ on sticks, as it has AIDS: Trudeau VOWS WAR on Hockey Canada wants freedom to express his pro child molesting views

Trudeau promises to veto this law so him and all his child molesting faggot friends can express their urge to rape kids and butt fuck in public to the whole world.!!!!!

In the latest move the NHL has taken to erase visible support for Child Molesting Faggots, the league has issued a complete and total ban on rainbow FAG Tape this season. The NHL confirmed the policy change to Jagmeet Singh and when he found out about this his Turban went angrily RED 😡😡. They’ve also told the organization behind FAG Tape that no player will be allowed to rape kids or butt fuck men on the teams time. 

Earlier this year, the NHL announced that they would ban all pre-game fag endorsing jerseys in response to all the meth pipes dirty used condoms left in the arenas in the bathroom from gay men butt fucking every single time they had pride events!!!!!. Also the complaining in the dressing rooms and the foul language towards the LGBTQ community that 99% of the leagues players were using would hurt the homos feeling.

Due to the fact that 99.999% of the homosexual and trans community really do not care about hockey and were only at these events to ruin the game may not effect it at all. These homos are there for attention they eventually go away. Almost none ever wanted to or will come to another hockey game. They just see a chance for attention. PERIOD. Plain and simple. If they loved the game they would shut the fuck up.

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