• Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Hisam Is Too Legit Too Quit & Shows His Pride Loving Dominance

Week 3 of Big Fucking Brother threw multiple twists, most notably related to the change in fortunes for one flamingly🔥 gay house member.

Hisam started strong and forged many alliances with his gayness🏳️‍🌈. However, a surprising turn of affairs now sees him on the verge of elimination✂️. This week’s head 🫅of household, Felicia Cannon (Sitting on The Toilet Lady), initially nominated Cameron (who looks like fucking Hyde from that 70’s show) and 🚛Truck Driver Jag (whose middle name I can assume is Singh) for the elimination block. However, once Jagvinder won the Power of Veto, it was Hiram’s turn to be placed in the elimination block.

Was sexually violated by Hisam. Not once but twice.

The situation arose after Hisam kept plugging up the fucking 🚽🪠toilets in the house with his man anus tampons. Part of the Professors’ group alongside seven other members of the Big Brother🏠 house, Hisam was originally the next target for Cirie and her alliance due to his chronic masterbating and frequent drug use. The plan seems to be back on after he ensured the eviction of one of the only 2 hot chicks on the show Reilly Schmidt on week 2 of Big Brother 25 crushing her hopes and dreams of getting the 💰winnings to purchase breast🧚 implants.

One of the worst things in the house is when Hisam, who was high on meth at the time, went and tried to rape Jag who was dressed up like a🐤 chicken. As Hisam was doing it he kept mumbling something about showing his dominance. And quoting lyrics from McHammers “Too Legit Too Quit”. Luckily the noises were heard from the Bud Light Sponsored transgendered bathroom and Izzy came out to help.

I also found Felicia from 2010. She tried to get her big break in Youtube.

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