• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Reality TV Star shoves a 2kg DUMBBELL in his rectum… only for the 20cm-long weight to get STUCK – leaving doctors no choice but to pull it out with their hands

A Turkish man who shoved a dumbbell in his rectum needed to get it yanked out by surgeons.  Sarper waited two days before seeking medical attention after failing to extract the 2kg metal weight himself. He turned up to a hospital in Istanbul complaining with a smile on his face and a look like he was going to explode. 

After not telling the doctors what was wrong and just smiling and laughing the doctors decided to give Sarper an XRay.The X-ray revealed a dumbbell, which was almost 8 inches long (20cm), was lodged where the colon meets the rectum. 

Medics — who suggested the unusual case was fucking gay’ — said the man was ‘uncooperative’ during the physical examination and just kept talking about how good he was at sucking dick. 

Medics sedated the man for their attempted extraction involving surgical tweezers, but couldn’t remove the dumbbell. It almost seemed like instead of taking the dumbell out of his ass Sarper wanted the doctors to move it back and forth in there.

Left with no other option, the team opted for the ‘manual extraction’, involving the surgeon shoving in their ‘forearm’. Sarper finally spoke up and suggested that they remove it with their mouths.

Doctors said the majority of patients admitted with retained rectal objects are faggots between the ages of 20 and 40. Virtually in every single case the person was a democrat voter.

Sexual gratification is the most commonly reported reason for getting objects stuck.

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