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Trannie Freaks & Their Whine 2

A trans predator was jailed for nine years today for raping a ‘vulnerable’ friend with ‘her penis’ – just weeks after being released from prison for child sex offences. Lexi-Rose…

San Francisco Problems

Walgreen’s- It’s a state issue. Not solely an SF issue. Anything under 950 – according to Prop 47 that passed in 2014 – can be stolen without consequences. California issue.…

The New World

Animal Cruelty



Ontario School Problems

Principal at the #Catholic primary school in #Ottawa; all her pupils are 4-11 years old.

BC School Problems

This is in Abbotsford apparently. I just can’t even🤮😲🤪 Abbotsford Middle School. If you would like to contact them here is there info Abbotsford Middle 33231 Bevan Avenue Abbotsford BC…

Common Questions About Poo Mailing

Can I Get In Trouble Legally For Mailing My Poo? No. Its poo. Even if the so called law makers make a law that doesn’t allow it the poo will…

Poos Destination: Ottawa

As tempting as it is to mail your poo to others who deserve it the main focus is all the poo should go to Ottawa preferably to Justin Trudeau’s door…

Variety of Poos & What Is Best For Me To Ship?

When it comes to picking what style of poo you wish to mail sometimes the choice can be a lot more overwhelming than you first imagined.